New people are moving into your church’s neighborhood all the time.

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How Our Monthly List of Movers Works will send you a list of people moving into your community. Just choose the radius of where you want results, or a list of zip codes and you will recieve a list of addresses for people who have recently moved into your community each month.


A list of your area is generated using the most reliable databases available to businesses.


The list is emailed to you directly for use in your outreach ministries

$20.00 per month

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Use Our Lists for Effective Outreach is a ministry to Gospel-preaching, local churches. We provide a list every month of new movers to your area. Each list can be narrowed to a radius around your church's address or by certain zip codes.

These lists, if used right, can bring fresh enthusiasm and excitement to a church’s outreach ministry. With a new movers’ list, churches can send postcards and mailers, have prayer teams pray for the new movers, make visits, and even use their list in social media to let those moving into your area know about your church.


$20.00 per month

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Here's What Other Pastors Are Saying

Pastor Steve and his church has benefited from our new movers list

Pastor Steve B.
Glen Allen, VA

"we have seen several visitors as a direct result of our efforts"

Using the new movers' list has greatly helped us in the planting of this church. We have been pleasantly surprised by the reception of our postcards and the quality of our visits, and we have seen several visitors as a direct result of our efforts.

Pastor Sam has benefited from using the new movers list in his church outreach

Pastor Sam K.
Wilmington, DE "offered our people opportunities to spread the Gospel"

Visiting new movers in our area has offered our people opportunities to spread the Gospel. It has been good to see the burden of our church grow.

"The new movers list has given us a contact point to engage people"

Pastor William has also benefited from using hte monthly list of new movers.

Pastor Williams
Martinsburg, WV

"We began using the list about three months ago, and we have been blessed to meet many different people in our community. Most visits to a door are pleasant with the exchange of greetings, sharing of a gift bag from the church, and a verbal invitation to attend services.

Approaching a home to welcome a family to the community has been well received by residents. In our efforts, we have made many new friends, but most importantly we have had four adults make a profession of faith … two when a couple visited our Sunday services after a Saturday visit, and two others at their home doors. The new movers list has given us a contact point to engage people, and this has led to many good and encouraging conversations."

$20.00 per month

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